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Taewoong Logistics

Taewoong Logistics established its logistics center in Europe through operating its warehouse in ZAL Barcelona, targeting on the whole Spain and neighboring European countries.


Based on the accumulated experience over 20 years in the logistics field and this enlargement including creating Spanish incorporation in Barcelona, we will strive to meet more diversified needs from customers and especially contribute to Korean companies’ entry not only into Spain but also geographically accessible European countries by providing a total logistics service that encompasses storage, customs clearance, inland haulage and sea, air and rail combined transportation.

Mr. TM Kim. Representative of TGL Spain
Nau A.34.2. ZAL Port(Prat), Av. Estany de la Messeguera 30-34, 08820, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona.
+34 648 768 538